porous05At Koetje Landscaping, we use the most progressive and green products available. PorousPave is excactly the type of product we look for.



Porous Pave is a revolutionary paving product made from recycled tires, aggregate and urethane binder.

Some of the benefits of this product are:

  • Highly permeable – allows large amounts of rainwater to pass through into the ground while providing a hard surface
  • Flexible – 50% rubber content allows Porous Pave to remain flexible which eliminates cracking, especially in freezing climate freeze/thaw
  • Durable – Porous Pave can be used in parking lots, driveways and other high use applications. Also resistant to snow plow damage!
  • Super strong – installed at 2″ thick Porous Pave can handle low speed vehicle traffic, installed at 1-1/2″ thick for pathways, patios, trails and other pedestrian applications. Use at 1″ thick to over-pour existing concrete/asphalt areas.

Read more about it at http://www.porouspaveinc.com/

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